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Who We Are

Our mission is to unite the people of Austin and restore common sense and community impact to our local government. We are dedicated to exploring solutions for the challenges in which we face and we are unifying to take back Austin.


We are passionate about local politics, we think you should be too! Our goal is to be a community resource for all things local politics, encouraging our friends and neighbors to get involved by lighting the way.  Meaningful dialogue and local politics matter!


A message from Mackenzie

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I’m aware enough of how much things have changed in the City over the years. In recent years, the current state of our City has built increasing concern in me more each day. This growing concern has made it so that I could no longer sit back and watch the downfall of our once great home, it has forced me to take action. It’s important to keep others educated about the missteps our City Council and Mayor take in their poor policies and mismanagement of the City.

It is the duty of all Austin residents to stand up for what’s right and have a say on the decisions being made on our behalf. I believe and stand for transparency, accountability and leadership. I also believe that if we work together we can find solutions for meaningful change. 

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About Us

Uniting the people of Austin for the shared goal of restoring common sense to our local government.

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