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Austin has been thrust into the national spotlight after a recent push to decriminalize public camping and petty crimes, following in the footsteps of many cities that after adhering to these policies are now unrecognizable.

Austin is currently in the beginning stages of the homeless epidemic that Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are facing today.

We do not believe taxation is the end all remedy on every issue. To date it has not proven to be an effective strategy for cities struggling with booming homeless populations drawn to services for all and relaxed law enforcement for petty crimes. To allow people to live in squalor is inhumane and we refuse to normalize self destructive behavior and look towards successful solutions rather than failed policies.

Look at the data

Why the NIMBY label is not working anymore. more.

Seattle spends a billion dollars annually while holding the highest homeless population in the nation, with no end in sight. Some have said “Seattle is Dying” We simply cannot allow this to happen in Austin. more.

Venice Beach, Ca. City Council has been approved to build 154 units for homeless individuals on public land, despite a public outcry from local constituents. With Land Value at an estimated $100 million dollars, this equals an approximate cost of $1 million dollars per unit. Is this an effective and fair use of Tax Payer Dollars? more.

New study shows 76% of individuals living outside on the streets reported being, or were observed to be, affected by mental illness, substance abuse, poor health or a physical disability. more.

State of Texas wants U.S. Supreme Court to overturn ruling that bans on public camping, sitting and lying down are unconstitutional. more.


Public Officials Code of Ethics

Should Local Governments be allowed to control property laws when they are highly invested in local real estate? Should they be allowed to enact laws which could depreciate land value which could result in a monetary / equity gain? more.

Should Ethics Inquiries be able to be abolished by public officials? more.

Should local government be able to enact policies in the midnight hours without input from citizens? more.

Eco Ramifications: TBD

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If you are passionate about enforcing accountability upon our city government, and want to create meaningful change you can help by donating, volunteering, signing petition and emailing our local government officials. Let’s restore Austin as a great place to live and visit together.

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